Phat Daff Bowl TUTORIAL with Video Class

Phat Daff Bowl TUTORIAL with Video Class

The second of my Petal & Ribbon vessels the Phat Daff Bowl is a sweet project in peyote stitch. Worked in ombre shadings with the lid being the Daffodil part.  The bowl can stand up on sit at an angle. It is 9cm (3.5") diameter and stands 9cm (3.5") tall.  It takes 83g of seed beads with 5 shades of Delicas, a few 15/0 seeds & 68 Czech 2mm fire polish rounds.

The tutorial is 26 pages with 141 progress photos with full instructions, it is accompanied by a 2 hour 20minute video class where I show you each step.

I have listed the bead counts so you can make a different colour base to lid or a solid colour version and four different ombres are included with bead numbers.

To comply with my copyright you must include my name with any photos or exhibitions or contests where you show my design (this includes any social media platform). Please note that if you enter a contest and entries are judged on design, originality and colour you should not enter my designs as you don't qualify to collect those points. It's only fair to others who do ALL the work on their entries.  I do allow you to sell what you make from this tutorial but again I need to be listed as the designer. Thank you for your understanding and compliance in these matters.