ACORN BOX Tutorial with Video Class

ACORN BOX Tutorial with Video Class

This is the first vessel I designed using my petal and ribboning techniques.

These techniques create a very solid vessel while creating a beautiful, delicate effect as the ribboning flows around the vessel.  For this series (the following designs are the Phat Daff Bowl & the Daffodil Bottle) I've opted for ombre effects which add to the flow of the ribboning. The Acorn Box stands 11cm (4 3/8") tall and 8cm (3 1/8") diameter. I have included an option to make two lids to create the Acorn Ornament which has the same dimensions.

The Acorn Box takes lots of Delica 11/0 beads, a few 15/0 seed beads, some 3.4mm drops, one 8mm 2-hole cabochon and one 14mm pearl.                                                                                          The Acorn Ornament doesn't need the 2-hole cabochon but needs an extra 14mm pearl.

The tutorial has 27 pages packed with full colour progress photos and written instructions, the accompanying video class is 2 1/2 hours long and takes you through all the steps to make your own vessels even if you're not an advanced beader.  I include all bead numbers and amounts for both projects with two colourways included (the Gothis colourway is not included as it uses some supplies not availablle or easily sourced).

To comply with my copyright you must include my name with any photos or exhibitions or contests where you show my design (this includes any social media platform). Please note that if you enter a contest and entries are judged on design, originality and colour you should not enter my designs as you don't qualify to collect those points. It's only fair to others who do ALL the work on their entries.  I do allow you to sell what you make from this tutorial but again I need to be listed as the designer. Thank you for your understanding and compliance in these matters.