Daffodil Bottle: TUTORIAL with Video Class

Daffodil Bottle: TUTORIAL with Video Class

The Daffodil Bottle is a self supporting beaded item....no bottle exists under all those beads.

The Daffodil creates the lid of the bottle. The bottle is 11cm diameter and stands 25cm tall making it a large project that takes 200g of size 11 Delica beads plus some 15/0 seeds, 3.4mm drops and 3mm fire polish rounds. It is all done with peyote stitch using my Petal & Ribboning techniques and is a LOT easier than it looks, taking more time & patience than expertise. If you are unfamiliar with my Petal & Ribboning technique and nervous about trying such a large project I have a bracelet design in my store, Petals & Ribbons, that shows the basics of the techniques... along with the Acorn Box and Phat Daff Bowl which each take the techniques a step further culminating in the Daffodil Bottle. So if you feel you need to work up to such a large project that's the order :)

The tutorial is 28 pages of step by step photos and written instructions accompanied by two videos (it was a lot of video) which have links included in the tutorial on page 2. Part 1 of the video class covers the Daffodil Lid and the Neck of the bottle, Part 2 covers the base, the joinings and the leaves. You can bead along with me as I create the bottle on camera.I list three colour ways, Yellow, Red & Purple with all the bead numbers & amounts used. I give some tips & tricks in the video that are not in the tutorial.....this is to make sure you view the video as it's important to help you understand the building of this bottle.

To comply with my copyright you must include my name with any photos or exhibitions or contests where you show my design (this includes any social media platform). Please note that if you enter a contest and entries are judged on design, originality and colour you should not enter my designs as you don't qualify to collect those points. It's only fair to others who do ALL the work on their entries.  I do allow you to sell what you make from this tutorial but again I need to be listed as the designer. Thank you for your understanding and compliance in these matters.