Skittle Bottle TUTORIAL with Video Class

Skittle Bottle TUTORIAL with Video Class

The Skittle Bottle is the first in a new series I call Flat2Form and was designed to help those who are intimidated by 3D beading.

The Skittle Bottle and all the projects in this series start with flat, even count peyote stitch...something I think most beaders are comfortable doing.  I then take you through some simple steps to turn the flatwork into something 3D. I think of this project as an introduction to Flat2Form as the other projects in the series are quite large which in itself can be intimidating but hopefully the Skittle Bottle will get you excited about creating bigger things with this technique.

The Skittle Bottle stands just 12cm and is 6cm in diameter.  I've designed it to be a bud vase with a corked test tube that slips inside & can be taken out to clean or fill. The test tube is 15mm x100mm and can easily be found on Amazon. You can just make the bottle without the test tube and fill it with dried or silk flowers though you'll miss out on the stopper which is made to make the bottle look finished when it's not in use as a bud vase.

The tutorial is 17 pages full of progress photos and clear instructions, I include 3 colour ways with all the bead numbers and amounts. The accompanying video class (with a link to it on page 2) is just over 90 minutes long and you can bead along with me as I show you each step.

To comply with my copyright you must include my name with any photos or exhibitions or contests where you show my design (this includes any social media platform). Please note that if you enter a contest and entries are judged on design, originality and colour you should not enter my designs as you don't qualify to collect those points. It's only fair to others who do ALL the work on their entries.  I do allow you to sell what you make from this tutorial but again I need to be listed as the designer. Thank you for your understanding and compliance in these matters.