TUTORIAL with Video Class Pod Blossom Ornament

TUTORIAL with Video Class Pod Blossom Ornament

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**UPDATED 11/14/18** To include the missing tassel attachment..oops, video shows it in detail.


I'm not big on Christmas but I do love pretty ornaments and this one has the sparkle.  Made over a satin covered ball it has textural petals that have tendrils leading down to a beaded silk tassel. A beaded bead tops the petals...think rose hip and carries the hanging loop.

You will need a 3" satin covered ball for this project.


The tutorial has 23 pages, 70+ illustrations and takes you through making this delightful ornament step by step. The companion video can be accessed by a link on page two and is pretty much a feature movie...2 hours 35 minutes of basically a private class with yours truly. You can see exactly how to make this and learn a few tips or tricks on the way.


I'd say this project is mostly variagated peyote...utilizing 1, 2 and 3 drop along with some innovations. There's a little bit of square stitch and herringbone stitch....but I'm right there to walk you through it all.


The ornament measures about 3 1/2" diameter and is just over 10" from top of the hanging loop to the bottom of the tassel.  

I include FIVE colorways!


You may sell items you make from my tutorial so long as you're not going into mass production. I do appreciate being given credit for the design.

Please do not share, copy, sell, or otherwise distribute this tutorial as it is a violation of my copyright.  I do not allow teaching of my designs without discussion and arrangement with me. If we all behave ethically the bead world stays a happy place.