TUTORIAL with Video Class Baby Star Ornaments

TUTORIAL with Video Class Baby Star Ornaments

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Stars have been the rage for the last year or two in beadwork groups everywhere. Puffy stars created with 5 warped squares....but I thought what about a tiny puffy star worked in one piece? Out came the beads and I created my first Baby Star. That led to adding a second layer, then working four layers to form a star stack...and then my muse still wasn't done.  Put them together she said...so I did and the stacked star ornament was born....and my friends on Facebook said yes when I suggested adding a tassel.


The tutorial has 13 pages, lots of illustrations and photos that take you through making this delightful ornament step by step. The companion video can be accessed by a link on page two and is about an hour long and basically a private class with yours truly. You can see exactly how to make this and learn a few tips or tricks on the way.


I'd say this project is mostly peyote...with some herringbone corners and a touch of RAW.


The stars can be made to different sizes starting at about an inch. The stacked star comes in at about 2 1/4" and the ornament is 2" diameter, 2 1/2" tall without the tassel....add another 4 to 5" with the tassel.


You may sell items you make from my tutorial so long as you're not going into mass production. I do appreciate being given credit for the design.

Please do not share, copy, sell, or otherwise distribute this tutorial as it is a violation of my copyright.  I do not allow teaching of my designs without discussion and arrangement with me. If we all behave ethically the bead world stays a happy place.