Inkpot Tutorial & Video Class

Inkpot Tutorial & Video Class

Boy, you get a lot in this one....options, options, options.

Inkpot is a sweet little pot with a stopper that is a feather quill. It can be made to be skinny or squat...I can't make my mind up which I like best.

And if an inkpot doesn't do it for you then take it further and make it into a tall is up to you. It has it's own flower stopper which you can choose to be a bud or a more open flower. And once again the bottle can be skinny or squat.

The tutorial has 24 pages packed with 157 progress photos & step-by-step instructions to make beading the project easy and if that isn't enough there's a link to a 3 hour 23 minute video to show you each step.

You'll need to know peyote stitch though it's easy enough to pick up from the video.

Supplies are lots and lots of Miyuki Delicas, one of the colours must have a matching size 15 seed bead (a lot of stores have charts so you can choose a Delica that has a match) and some 2mm or True 2mm firepolish rounds.

For the inkpot you'll also need a pipe cleaner (16cm) and a 12mm round bead.

For the bottle you'll also need one 12mm round bead & one 10mm round bead.

I do give bead numbers for the colours I used and the bead amounts in the supply list in the tutorial.